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Beyond the Basement

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Looking Back

Today, there are many bands going by the name of Cadence, but back in the early 80s there was only one.  Three guys from Oakland, New Jersey playing original rock.  Was it alternative, college rock, indie, garage band?  It’s hard to say.  Good, bad, annoying?  Perhaps.  They were trying to be anything but ordinary, and the goal was to be original, different, unique.  To experiment with sounds and styles, plenty of trial and error.  It was never intended for public consumption, merely for their own amusement. The fact that it is seeing the light of day some 30 years later is just a fluke.  Their music was recorded independently between 1981 – 1987, and in many respects (musically and emotionally) they were novices-  three inexperienced teenagers learning as they were going through life.  Given the vast modern music landscape of generes and garage bands, there is certainly room for one more-  even if they represent more of a time capsule from a bygone era, but still worth a listen.